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Friday, March 23, 2012


Hi all,
Well, it's Friday! Martha is having a little nap, so I thought I would pop on here to thank three lovely ladies with fantastic blogs showing all kinds of crafty goodness, who gave me blog awards last week. I was meaning to do this earlier, but I have been madly tidying up as we have a man coming to value the house this morning as we want to do some renovations and the bank needs a valuation.
Thank you Susan, for this award:

For this one, I have to nominate 5 people with less than 200 followers. Now, many of my bloggy friends have over 200 followers, but I would like to award this to:
Thank you Colette, for this award:
There are a few conditions to accepting the award:-

  • To thank the person who gave it to you and include a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs that you have either recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Tell them you have nominated them for the award.
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
Here are my 7 things. I apologise if I have already said them.
1 - I was born in Somerset and lived there for 18 years. I moved to Newcastle to do my PGCE in 1999 and have stayed up north ever since.
2 - I am a vegetarian, but don't mind buying and cooking meat for hubby and the girls, as long as I don't have to have it.
3 - I played the clarinet when I was younger. I got my Grade 8 exam, but haven't played for years. I'm not even sure where my clarinet is now.
4 - I spent a year in France as part of my degree and have loads of half read french novels in the house.
5 - I love Apple Mac computers. They are so much simpler than Microsoft PCs in my opinion. Also, they are very stylish.
6 - My favourite film when I was younger was The Lost Boys, and I still like going back to my youth and watching it now.
7 - I love musicals. I have seen Les Miserables at least 5 times, and have also seen The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Starlight Express, Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats to name but a few! I also perform in amateur musical productions.
I would like to give this to:
I know this is not 15, but I have brain ache and my fingers are hurting with all the typing. I may be back later with more nominations.
Thank you Jacki for this award:Here are the terms and conditions of this award:

1. This award is for any co-blogging friend who has helped you develop your blog in any and all ways.
2. This award is for any co-blogging friend who has cheered you along in your blog building, craft advancing career.
3. This award is for any co-blogging friend who always stops by and is kind to you. You can count on them to always be one of the great comments at the end of your post.
4. This award is to be given to 3 to 5 Blends whom you feel meet the listed requirements.
5. Create a post with the terms of use and publish your Blends of choice.
6. Blend of choice may copy the award from your blog and proudly post it on theirs.
7. Blend of choice may continue the kindness by issuing this award to keep the circle forever growing.
I would like to give this to:
I could choose many more blogging friends, but these ladies always have wonderful things to say about my creations. Thank you!
I am so grateful to you all for thinking of me and I am sorry I was late in posting them. I have found it hard to pick people, as everyone I follow is fantastically talented. Usually I cop out, so thought I wouldn't today, but it has taken me so long!
I will be back with a card soon, I promise.



Thankyou Nikki for the fabulous award
Hugs Dianne xx :)

Mary J said...

Congrats on your awards, Nikki - it's always a pleasure to come and visit you! And thx for mine - very chuffed!!

Love your interesting facts - half read French books, brilliant!!

Cheryl said...

oh Hun,well done,on you awards i am so chuffed that you nominated,me Hun really appreciate,this so much bless your heart love hugs Cheryl

Sheryl Hare said...

Thanks for this award Nikki I am very flattered. Hugs Sheryl xx

Judith said...

Thank you so much for thinking of me when deciding who to give your award to Nikki- I am very flattered, congratulations on all of your awards - very well deserved - I know what you mean about the time it takes - its taken me ages- no time for making cards as well!! Hugs Judith x

Annmaree (Emu) said...

Thanks heaps Nikki, you're a doll! xoxo