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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What? No papercrafting?

 Hi all,
I hope you are having a good week.  I finally managed to do a bit of gardening and have sorted out the veggy beds.  Some things are planted and the girls helped me sow some seeds into pots, so lets hope we have lots of vegetables to eat later in the year.  Martha and I went to toddlers this morning, which was great fun, although Martha insisted on taking 2 soft toys with her, so I was following her around making sure she didn't lose them as she would not have been happy!
I have something to show today which isn't a card and doesn't have any paper on it.  I felt the urge to get out my jewellery stuff and made this necklace.  Daisy helped string some of the beads and has ordered one just like this for her but in pink, purple and yellow!  I haven't made jewellery for ages and my stash has only been used by Daisy and her friend from next door, who loves coming around and doing something crafty.  So, I wanted to make something before all my beads are used up.
This picture shows how it would look the right way up.  It is a bit heavy, but I have worn it a few times already and love it!
See you tomorrow.


Susan.... said...

Hi Nikki,
Glad you got some time in the garden and the girls helped too !
That is beautiful ! l love the colours and the design.
susan x

brenda said...

Your veggies should grow Nikky, as there's not shortage of rain.

Really liking your necklace, my DIL has taken it it as well as a change from card making and tells me it's even more addictive.

B x

Donna said...

Wow Nikki, this is so beautiful and you are so clever for being able to make jewellery as well as card craft...beautiful piece :) Donna ♥ x

Annette said...

It's gorgeous. I love these colours. The large beads at the sides are fab too. It's really lovely, and I'll bet that you feel good wearing something that you've hand made. Hope you get lots of lovely comments when you wear it.

trisha too said...

Garden time is always good. Well, okay, usually good, it depends on how many weeds there are . . .

Your necklace is gorgeous, lovely colors!


pinky said...

Its just beautiful Nikki!

Judith said...

Love the colours of this fab necklace Nikki - beautiful hugs Judith x

sarah's little snippets said...

This is so beautiful Nikki! Love the colours. I would love to be able to make jewellery. Sarah x

Anonymous said...

lovely necklace I just adore the colours so pretty!!!

June Nelson said...

Wow its stunning arent you a cever girl then enjoy wearing it. I woiuld!!! its gorgeous hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx