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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hi all,

I am sat inside listening to the wind howling outside.  It's quite sunny, but very cold at the moment.  The girls are desperate for summer, though and Martha insisted on wearing her sun hat and slightly thinner jacket to nursery today.  I've been busy trying to write application forms for part time teaching jobs.  I know I need to do it as there isn't an awful lot of supply work around, but the thought of being back in the treadmill is a bit daunting.  I'm also thinking about starting up a business in a few months, but the thought of doing this as well as teaching fills me with dread (but I can't just start the business as I don't know if it will be successful).
Anyway, enough of my prattling, and onto my show for today.  Over at Creative Craft, we are sponsored by Crafty Individuals, and our theme is just checking, so we would like to see a check pattern on your creations.  I decided not to make a card and instead made a patchwork bag.  Martha has been nagging me to make her a bag to put her ballet shoes in, so she chose the material (she likes blues and purples) and I made the bag.  It's a simple patchwork design, but it's all I could manage with Martha sat on my knee helping!
See you later.


brenda said...

Hi Nikki,

I know from my history teacher daughter that they are cutting back on supply teachers and pushing more cover to TA's which in her view is far from ideal. Hope you get something on a more permanent basis.

Like Martha's idea of a sun hat, if it's not there for real then improvise and imagine.

B x

Mandy said...

Gorgeous bag Nikki, love the patchwork & I'm sure Martha does too.
Bless their hearts longing for Summer, I know that feeling and it's pouring down here and the heating is back on as I just can't get warm.
Nikki I know exactly how you feel about that treadmill, I at last went back to work yesterday for the first time since my car accident and as much as I was desperate to get back to work I was flipping terrified and felt like I'd left my confidence at home lol. I hope everything works out for you hun whatever you decide to do
hugs Mandy xx

Luckydawn said...

Lovely bag Nikki, just perfect for ballet shoes :)
Dawn x

Anonymous said...

Lovely patchwork bag! loving the blues and purples, great colour combo!

All the best with finding work, you will do fantastic I am sure! xoxo

Linby said...

Hope you are successful with your aprons and business venture. This little bag is so cute, I Iove these colours too! Linby x

Linby said...

Meant to say applications not aprons! Silly iPhone

Jules said...

Hi Nikki

Loving your patchwork bag .. .. how lovely to have a little helper too!!

I hope you have some luck with the applications and that your little business venture grows well.

Have a great day.

Love Jules xx

Gemma said...

Gorgeous patchwork bag hun and thank you for popping by mine and leaving such a sweet comment recently...means a lot!!
hugs and xxx

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Nikki this is one gorgeous bag love the colours you have used and it will be so useful as well, superb project.
lorraine x

pinky said...

I am intrigued to know what the business is Nikki??? Loving the gorgeous bag, beautiful colours.

Mary J said...

That is such a pretty bag, Nikki!